Ramble On Events is a full service production company that responses to your needs and produces consistent results. Our services fulfill a range of event needs including such elements as production, atmosphere, and logistic, as well as permanent venue designs.


People often forget the importance of good production in an event. You want your performances to be flawless. Sound feedback, dull lighting, and sloppy cords should not be elements you settle for. The professionalism and dedication held by our team is what makes us unique.

Our team has designed numerous sound, stage, and light rigs used by national and local performers. Without a good sound team, your guests may not be able to hear your performers or there may be sound distortion. Without professional stage lighting, photos of your event will likely be dark or disappointing. Ultimately, a bad or sloppy production reflects poorly on your event. We will insure your performers sound good and look good. Let us guide you in the following areas:

  • Sound - Live Bands, DJs, Talks/Speakers
  • Staging - Music, Performace, Fashion
  • Lighting - Performance/Atmosphere
  • Video - Projectors, LED Walls




The best events and venues in the world can be completely forgettable if they don't provide a memorable experience for their guests. Ultimately, the atmosphere of an event and the emotions evoked are some of the most important components in bring guests back to your event(s) or keep them wanting more. Unfortunately, this aspect of an event is usually the last concern for most planners.

Let us bring our years of experience, creativity, and our large supply of atmospheric elements to your event. We can provide both ready and custom made elements tailored to suit your needs. Our in-house d├ęcor inventory in collaboration with our extensive vendor network allows us the opportunity to make your event memorable without breaking the budget. Services we can provide:

  • Artistic Stage Installations
  • Custom Drapery and Back Drops
  • Decorated Entrance Ways, Lounges, and Galleries
  • Interactive Displays
  • Hand Made Event Souvenirs
  • Indoor and Outdoor Installations
  • Creative Ambient Lighting Solutions


The smoothest and most stress free events are fueled by a logistical backbone. Knowing what key pieces are needed to allow your event to happen without a glitch is what makes planning easier on you. We have years of experience organizing large and small events. Whether it is a private party or a music festival, we know what it takes logistically to make it happen.

Save yourself a lot of frustration and let us take care of the facets of your event that you are not familiar with or don't have time to do. There are many logistical aspects we will handle ourselves, but frequently we work with outside suppliers and businesses to maximize the resources available for your event. Call us today to inquire how we can assist with:

  • Promotion
  • Ticket Sales
  • Network Infrastructure/IT
  • Venue Selection
  • Facilities
  • Catering

Save yourself the headaches and avoid oversights, by letting us plan your event.

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Venue Design

Are you opening a new permanent venue? Do you need advice on how to make your vision work in that space? We can turn your vision into a design that fits your venue capabilities, fits your needs, and fits your budget. Ramble On has years of knowledge working in both small and large venues as well as with the issues that may arise in these spaces. When it comes to executing a design, we focus on your infrastructure, growth, and vision. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Audio Systems
  • Lighting/Video/Projection Systems
  • Staging
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Atmosphere & Decoration