The Importance of Logistics

Anyone who has planned an event will tell you that while issues like booking performers and finding a venue are often the first to be addressed, it's the other smaller aspects of the event that are easily overlooked. Nevertheless, these aspects of the event are crucial to leaving a positive impression on event attendees.

Have you ever experienced an outdoor event without enough bathrooms? What about a lack of parking? Or tickets sales that are hurt by poor promotion? These are the kind of oversights that often happen and can truly sour experiences and decrease future attendance to your events.

Ramble On Events will help you avoid logistical oversights, and we can even help with logistics that you have anticipated. Perhaps you don't feel qualified or experienced enough to handle them yourself, or you don't have the time. Whatever the reason, Ramble On will provide the expertise and manpower so you don't have to.

Here are just some of the logistical issues we can coordinate for you.

  • Facilities (Fencing, Porta-Pots, Tents, Parking, Permitting, Medical, etc.)
  • Ticketing and Credentials (Paper, Electronic)
  • Promotion (Art, Flyers, Mass Media, Web/Social Networking)
  • Vendors (Food, Craft, etc.)
  • Booking - Let us use our network of contacts to find the right performers for your event.
  • Venue Selection - Let us find the perfect venue for your event.